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After my hearing exam, how long do I wait for my hearing aid?

Many hearing aids are in stock.  Custom products take approximately one week.

Can I get an extended warranty on my hearing aid?

We offer, through the Hear Now Network, a three year warranty on the instrument itself and 3 years on the loss and damage plan.

Do hearing aids go in both ears, or just one?

Those that have a binaural loss (loss of hearing in both ears) will need aids in both ears, unless they request a single fitting.

How do you clean a hearing aid?

Most hearing aids should be cleaned each morning by brushing the receiver and microphone.

Will it still work if I drop it in food or beverage?

Probably not.  You should immediately bring the affected aid to your dispenser for repair.

Can you send a replacement without a fitting?

Some behind the ear aids can be replaced without new ear molds, but usually a refit requires new molds.

Can wearing an aid give me a headache?


Can a hearing aid get stuck in my ear?

No.  Your ear is a funnel shape with the small end at the ear drum.

Can I wear my hearing aid while swimming and/or in the shower?

Hearing aids are electronic devices and cannot be submerged in water.

Can I sleep with my hearing aid in?

Some people choose to sleep with the aids in, but it is not recommended.

Will it fall out while playing sports? Skiing?

Most hearing aids have excellent retention, but if struck hard from the rear, can be dislodged.

Can I wear headphones with a hearing aid?

Some of the new aids will tolerate wearing earphones, but not all.

Will wearing a hearing aid create ear wax build-up?

No.  Ear wax is naturally occurring.  It may be pushed around by the aid, so it is important to keep excess wax out of ear canals.