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Reg McCutcheon

Reg McCutcheon at business Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton on Wednesday afternoon. DAVID ERICKSON - Ravalli Republic

by DAVID ERICKSON - Ravalli Republic RavalliRepublic.com | Posted: Thursday, January 7, 2010

For 25 years, Reg McCutcheon of Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton has helped valley residents tune in to the world around them a little better, although he faces more challenges as the years go on.

“The world we live in today has so much more noise,” he said. “I used to see mainly older men, and they worked in sawmills or farmers who worked around tractors. Now you have loud snowmobiles, and rock music, really loud speakers and iPods. I see a lot more women and younger people now as well.”

Because he has lived here for the better part of three decades, McCutcheon feels like he is serving his friends and neighbors every time someone comes in the door.

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