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Genetic Hearing Loss

Often, when I meet folks on the street, they tell me they have hearing loss but it’s genetic and nothing can be done about it.

This is partially true.

I can’t do anything about the genetics of a person, but I may be able to help with the hearing loss. 20 years ago it was thought if a person’s hearing loss was caused by genetics, nothing could be done.

Today we routinely help people with hearing loss even if their parents, brothers and sisters have hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of those things we put off because there is no pain involved, so we put off the fix until later. Putting off getting a hearing problem taken care of only makes the problem worse. The rehabilitation process becomes more difficult and time consuming.

Do yourself a favor, if you think you may have a hearing problem, get it tested. It doesn’t hurt and most hearing specialists and audiologists will give you a test free.

Reg McCutcheon is board certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and has been at Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton for 25 years.