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Hearing Aids. Do They Work?

Hearing aids are a very specialized electronic device designed to amplify sound. Do they work?

Of course they work.

The real question should be: Are they right for you?

Here in lies the problem. The many variables include: Age of the hearing impaired, time with hearing loss, previous wearer, social environment, genetic disposition, physical dexterity, and desire to understand better. These are only a few of the many issues that we have to look at before fitting a patient with hearing aids.

In many cases, the most valuable issue is not what instrument you pick or how much you pay for it, it is the time spent with your hearing specialist or audiologist talking about hearing loss, how hearing aids work, responsibilities of both patient and dispenser and the period of time involved to get the proper fitting.

Discussing these and other issues with your hearing specialist or audiologist at length will give you the information you need to have a successful fitting and get the most out of your hearing instruments.

Reg McCutcheon is board certified in hearing instrument sciences and has been at Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton for 25 years.