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Herpes and Hearing Loss

This dreaded little virus resides in the base of the spine until it decides to make its presence known as anything from cold sores to shingles.

What most people don’t know is that the herpes virus can attack internal organs. The ears are one example. In my hearing pre-test questionnaire I always ask if there has been any sudden unexplained hearing loss. This loss may be from different causes but the herpes virus is a bad one.

There are treatments for herpes virus caused sudden hearing loss but they must begin immediately, not three or four days later. If you have a sudden unexplained hearing loss, please do not hesitate. Get to your medical provider immediately for explanation and treatment. If you wait a week it may be too late for help to address this problem medically. These types of hearing loss are rarely helped with hearing aids; however, if you are over the age of 50 you should be tested every two years.

Reg McCutcheon is board certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and has been at Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton for 25 years.