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What's Going Down with your Hearing?

As our body ages, things tend to go down.

Well, so does your hearing.

It is called age related hearing loss or presbicusis. This can begin to occur in your thirties and can really make what you thought to be a mild hearing loss in your twenties a lot worse by the time you are in your forties. Being around loud noises will make this condition more extreme.

Some people are also affected by a genetic disposition toward hearing loss. See if your parents or grandparents have hearing loss. If they do chances are you will too. At this point, it becomes more important than ever to protect your hearing.

Stay away from loud equipment or wear hearing protection. Hearing protection is much more inexpensive than having to wear hearing aids.

If you protect your hearing when you are young you can still have reasonably good hearing when you are older. I test patients in their eighties with good hearing.

Speaking of testing, if you have symptoms of hearing loss, get it tested immediately. If you are over the age of fifty you should have your hearing tested every two years to be proactive.

Hearing loss addressed early is much easier to deal with for everyone, including the family of the hearing impaired.

Reg McCutcheon is a board certified hearing specialist, at Hearing Instrument Specialists, in Hamilton for 25 years.