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What's up with your hearing?

“What’s going on with your hearing, Dad?

Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Too many times questions like these are brushed off by a person with hearing loss.

Embarrassed by the problem, they will give an excuse like, “I have selective hearing. I just hear what I want to hear.”

Most family members then just laugh it off, but in many cases, they just lost an opportunity to help someone it their family deal with a serious problem. In my office people often tell me they didn’t think they really had a problem. This is because no one at home made it seem important to deal with.

It would help if the others in the family would simply say “let’s go down and get you a hearing test. It is free and you should have one done every two years after you are fifty anyway just to be safe.” It can be something as simple as ear wax but even ear wax can become a real problem if left to harden and attach to hair in the ear canal.

The sooner hearing loss is addressed the better.

Reg McCutcheon is board certified in hearing instrument sciences and has been at Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton for 25 years.