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A thorough medical, lifestyle, previous hearing difficulty, and current hearing aids (if any) history will be taken and reviewed with the patient.

If existing hearing systems are being used, a complete cleaning and evaluation will be done.

A complete hearing test and evaluation will be done for those over the age of 19. At that point, we will discuss options to achieve optimal hearing.

We represent multiple hearing aid manufacturers and products. Through the result of the hearing test and evaluation, together, we will determine the best hearing systems to suit the patient, lifestyle, appearance and budget.

We are a member of the Right Hear Network, giving us access to top manufacturers. This allows us to take advantage of exceptionally low prices and three year warranties, including loss and damage, on all hearing aids fitted through their network of manufacturers.

Each hearing system requires unique fitting procedures. All fittings are done in office, unless a home visit is required to accommodate those with special needs.

Choosing the correct hearing systems, from the best manufacturers are important parts of my work, however, the service and adjustments after the initial fitting are, by far, imperative for a happy wearer. Availability of local, fast service, and adjustments, quickly become critical to the patients well being.

Reg McCutchen's Hearing Instrument Specialists is the only hearing healthcare professional in the Valley committed to having a full-time office in Ravalli County.

Although the office is established to primarily perform services for our hearing-impaired individuals, we pride ourselves in how we treat our patients with professional respect and caring. We ask our patients to trust our judgment and to have confidence in our test results, professional advice and products.