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To Whom it may concern;
I have been wearing hearing aids for over twenty years. The first set I bought was purchased from Reg McCutcheon and they were very beneficial to my running my business. Over the years I have purchased newer aids as my hearing has continued to deteriorate. I have been tested by audiologists and other independent hearing professionals but have always bought my aids from Reg. The quality has been unsurpassed and the service is unequaled by others. As in many businesses there are claims about quality and service but Reg has always  backed up what he says. When my aids need an adjustment for hearing changes or any small problems that arise, Reg has always taken care of me.
Should you be in need of a hearing test or hearing aids I would highly recommend Reg at Hearing Instrument Specialists in Hamilton.
Alan Thompson
Hamilton Montana

I have been a client of Reg McCutcheon for over ten years. During that period of time, and up to and including the present, Reg has served me well.
The quality of the hearing aids that I have purchased from him have been of top quality. He has counseled with me on the type of aid which would suit me best and, once purchased, has been available to service the hearing aids, usually without any cost.
I consider Reg to be an honest business man and expert in his field.
I recommend the services of Reg McCutcheon to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss. He will treat you right.
Richard N. Temple

I have been a satisfied customer of Reg McCutcheon of Hamilton Hearing Specialists for several years. I urge anyone with hearing problems to see him. Right here in Hamilton, at Selway Commons, you don’t need to go to Missoula.
L. Dean, Corvallis